Dreams change my emotions so quickly. I haven’t had a journal worthy dream in ages so this is refreshing, in some ways. I’m just happy I can still remember my dream so clearly after being awake a few hours.

There was a steel frame in place from a hotel to be built standing gloriously in front of me that looked to be 50 stories high at least. I was with a group of people who all had dragon tattoo’s on their shoulder blades and I remember feeling my shoulder burn as if trying to tell me I should have one there. We’re at the top of the hotel frame, all with ropes tied around our waists. Everyone is staring at the ground with glee, we’re going to jump. As the first of the jumpers go I can feel this power inside of me and it’s growing and growing. I take a leap of faith but my rope gets caught and I’m dangling 30 or so floors up. Out of nowhere this man I didn’t see before grabs me and pulls me to safety on the frame.

“Little dragon you don’t have your wings yet you can’t fly.” His voice was honestly like honey.

The back of my shoulder burns and I look back to check and there is a dragon tattoo on my back as if it’s always been there. He carries me bridal style to the ground and everyone is staring at him in awe and confusion and I’m just looking at him and smiling. His features are so strong, defined cheekbones, clean-shaven and the most beautiful amber eyes ever.

“She is my Dragon Heart, I have been gifted with my soul.”

He carries me away to what looked like a dark wooden cabin, no idea how we just all of a sudden we’re in a forest, but hey it’s a dream. We ended up making love. Fast forward to what felt like a few weeks later and I find out I’m pregnant. My dragon man is over the moon and then fast forward again, I’ve just given birth to a beautiful amber eyed boy.

Then I woke up. Now I’m emotionally destroyed because my heart aches for my family in the dream.


I have such respect for the my Gods/Goddesses, seriously it hurts my heart how much I care for them. There are never enough appropriate words to describe my love for them, but let’s start with these;

  • Unconditional
  • Pure
  • Joyous
  • Challenging
  • Consuming
  • Enduring
  • Enveloping.

Starting anew.

There is something terribly scary and exciting about starting something over, even something as small as a new blog where I can express my feelings, emotions and relations. I have neglected my blog for too long and feel like this is a good time to start anew as other things are also changing in my life at the moment, so why not?