There  is something wonderful about stepping onto a certain path and feeling the euphoria building up inside of yourself. The click that tells you that you are headed in the right direction. Yes doubt will always be there in the back of your mind waiting for you to stumble and when I do I will pick myself up and continue because this is my life, this is my adventure and this is something I can do.

Lost Yet Found

Sometimes I take a look at my life and at myself and it feels like I am drowning. My life has been a series of mistakes but that’s how we grow isn’t it? We make mistake after mistake until we learn, yet we never really learn. I am a tiny speck in the universe that does not kn ow it’s purpose. 

My spirituality is important to me, so important it hurts, so when people bash my faith, bash my Gods, it is on such a personal level. When She first came to me everything was bright and wonderful, I let her in and we connected, She taught me things I needed to know, things I didn’t know I needed to know. Then when She thought I was ready She left to teach another. That was hard. Others came and went each adding their own knowledge to my pool yet I was still empty. I latched onto another and devoted my time and energy to Them, but it wasn’t what I needed, so I said farewell.

I don’t really know why I am writing this, maybe to add some insight to myself, maybe just to get it out. I learned about Him years ago, it never concerned me so I thought nothing of it. He wasn’t someone I wanted to work for at the time, wasn’t what I needed. Yet maybe now I do need Him. I need to be judged, I need to see what I am doing wrong, so I can fix it, fix myself. I need to let go of the anguish and the resentment, and He can show me the way. I am on a path that will forever mean I need to learn more, I want to learn more. I am lost yet found.

Closed In

Lately I am feeling suffocated, I dare not say anything about my practice in case someone takes offence or disagree with what I say, even if it is UPG. I deleted both of my wordpress blogs yesterday because someone was telling me I could not work with certain deities, someone was telling me that everything I believe in is wrong, and being upset I deleted those blogs, this was a mistake on my part. I will not run away from my religion, I will not run away from my Gods and those I want to create relationships with.

Depression Bag

This pouch is used to help relieve depression.

Items you will needed;

  • Pouch, i.e. little drawstring bag.
  • Citrine, Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye.
  • Lavender, Black Pepper, Honeysuckle.
  • A small token that means something to you.

1. Place the lavender, black pepper and honeysuckle into the bottom of the pouch and say ‘With these herbs I instill good health, banish negativity and heal my pain.’

2. Add the citrine, clear quartz and tiger’s eye and say ‘With these crystals I rid myself of unwanted energy, heal myself and focus my mind.’

3. Finally place the token inside of the pouch and say ‘With this token I remind myself that I am whole and I am not my pain.’

4. Close the pouch and keep it under your pillow.